Our Fans

Can we write about the benefits of miniature satellite valves? Preventing ecommerce fraud with data quality tools? Intelligent systems driven by the Internet of Things? Advances on the digital oilfield? Yes, yes, yes and yes. New processor architectures, genomics, bionic legs, cyber security, embedded storage, unmanned systems? YES. We really have written about some unique and deeply technical topics, putting ourselves in your shoes and just getting it done. Don’t buy it? Check out a few kudos from high tech leaders who love us.

“MPowered does great work. They’re a find – easy to work with, well-versed in what editors need, and skilled at turning deeply technical materials and information into stories of interest to our customers.”

—Monica Lanctot, Corporate Marketing Manager, ADLINK Technology

“If you’re in need of communications pros who can handle the most techy of tech PR, you will want to partner with the MPowered team.  They know their stuff.  They’re also calm, cool, collected and almost preternaturally upbeat.  I’ve hired them multiple times and would do so again.”

—Donnelle Koselka , High-Tech Communications Professional

“Working with writers in the past always took too much time, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by what MPowered has been able to do for us. They ask smart questions and listen really well, hitting the mark better than I thought anyone outside the company really could. They have definitely set a new and much higher bar for my expectations of a technology writer’s role, both creatively and in terms of understanding embedded technology.”

—Ed Trevis, President and CEO, Corvalent

“When we first decided to give MPowered a try, we never doubted that you could write – we just were not sure if you could write about our very complex technologies without a huge learning curve.  After you conducted your first interview and came back with a draft, everyone in our company, even the engineers, were favorably impressed by how much you were able to grasp, and how well you told the story. It was clear that you ‘got it’ and at the same time, you’d be able to alleviate some of the pressure in getting the paper written, not add to it.”

—Tara J. Collazo, High Tech Marketing and Business Development Professional

“I like your style how you approached the Meinberg Academy website. This is how I imagine a given text begins to ‘shine’ after it is processed in the right way.”

—Dr. Andreja Jarc, Technical Training, Meinberg Funkuhren GmbH & Co. KG.

“Working with MPowered, I appreciate that developing releases is a smooth process. They are talented writers who capably reflect our company voice, adding further value by generating article placements that use our editorial resources in smart ways.”

—Greg Brown, Vice President of Marketing, Melissa Data

“MPowered brings a lot of great ideas and editorial opportunities to the table, helping us do more with our content library than we initially thought possible. We consider them a real asset to our marketing team – they’re easy to work with and help us really capitalize on our strengths and resources.”

—Chris Coyne, Marketing Project Manager, Corvalent

“The MPowered team is one of a kind. They are great in an interview, connecting with my team’s technical experts as well as our high-touch client contacts, creating an interactive discussion that often uncovers new or unexpected insights. They always consider how this can create the most value for our audience, and deliver spot-on written materials quickly and creatively.”

—Mike Manning, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Neudesic

“MPowered more than doubled our PR outreach. Extremely professional, very connected and always committed to our goals.”

—Karen Schultz, Director of Marketing, Gumstix, Inc.