MPowered transforms your insight into content such as white papers, case studies, blogs or contributed articles that can drive lead generation or be published as trade editorial attributed to you, the experts. We remove the pressure rather than add to it, writing in your voice and getting it done. MPowered simplifies the complex, and we’ve been doing it for decades.

Meet the Pros

MPowered speaks tech…writing about data quality, the Internet of Things, digital transformation, precision medicine, embedded platforms, cloud and data center technologies, defense electronics, medical device development, enterprise software, even data storage at the South Pole. We’re all about a ‘highly techy, user friendly’ approach that gets the writing done like you would if you had the time.

Sylvia Chansler

A strategic mindset and hands-on execution that bring organizations the recognition they deserve


Toshiba Digital Camera

I’ve been on both sides of the PR fence – corporate client and agency resource – so I get it. For me, success boils down to making our clients look good via smart content and purposeful placement. Our kudos are your kudos, so let’s get us some kudos!

Jackie Zerbst

Rock solid high tech comfort zone and a knack for turning information into compelling stories



Complex concepts are my jam. I can grasp the most difficult topics, relate them to industry trends and tell technology stories that resonate. It’s work that I love, and it allows us to connect your expertise with smart editorial coverage where your company can shine.